Sunday, July 31, 2011

Belize Is On My Mind

All packed, zipped-up, and ready to travel. A group of twelve are gathering tomorrow (almost before the day begins,) to board a southbound plane and travel to Belize.

We are scheduled to take off at 6:00 am and fly first to Houston and then to Belize City. As we depart the plane we will feel the Belize heat and humidity for the first time. Of course, it has been tropically humid in NE Ohio this summer, but the house is air conditioned and I can come in to relief as needed. As my friend, Mike Kimmel used to tell his biology students while doing field work, " you can only get so wet. Eventually you start to dry." ( He also said " you can only get so dirty, eventually you start to get clean."). Anyway. Once you get soaking wet from perspiration you don't get any wetter. Last time I ventured to Belize during the rainy season I got that wet within the first few hours of arrival. Of course, I was at the Belize Zoo and photographing tapirs, jaguars, and toucans, so I didn't notice how sweaty I was.

So with a great deal of anticipation, I wait, try to sleep, and promise to continue the story of "The Belize Twelve--2011."


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Stewart M said...

Hi there - good luck! Hope you dont fall apart in a 1000 different mouldy ways!

mike B. said...

Have fun don't get eaten by cougar ,be safe
Mike B