Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Belize Day Three

Day three in Belize. We toured the Belize Botanical Garden this morning. This is an incredible garden created in the middle of the Belize Jungle. The most interesting plants are the ones used by the Mayans. Also the famous Black Orchid. The national flower of Belize.

I am up to 36 bird species so far. That is pretty good for three days. Most I have seen on my previous trip, but still exciting for all of us. We are also learning about the Maya culture each and every day. On most trips you don't get to learn about the culture around you. That is a big bonus for us here. I will try to add more info each day. So, 36 and counting. Great fun!

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Stewart M said...

Hi there Rich - good to see you are in the thick of things - good looking birds. Hope the count keeps going up.

Cheers SM