Sunday, August 02, 2009

After Lunch Day 2 The Maya

After Lunch Day 2 --The Maya

Even the trip to Xunantunich was a hoot! The road into and out of duPlooys is as rough as you can have and still drive on it, so every trip is an adventure. When we finally got out it was a short drive to the Hand Crank Car Ferry. One car or van at a time. Every one gets out of the van, the driver drives it onto the ferry, you stand beside it, and the ferry guy ( technical term) turns a crank that pulls the ferry, the van, and all of us across the Mopan River. Very 19th century, very cool! I asked our guide why they have not tried to mechanize the

process and he said if they did , the ferry guy would be out of a job. He is right. This is what we do in the US. In Central America, they keep the man working .

Then about a mile drive to the parking lit and a short mile hike up to the ruins. Unbelievable! I will have to add detail later, (iPod typing is hard,) but this is a sight that has to be seen . I will add Picts later, but the climb to the top of the biggest pyramid was worth
it. You can see for miles and miles.

More later.

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Nancy said...

So glad to hear the trip has gone smoothly. Looking forward to the photos.