Sunday, August 02, 2009

First day

Early departures are a two edged sword--first you have the added
stress of trying to figure out just what time you are going to have to
get up to pull your stuff together get it into your car and get to the
airport --is it an international flight?? Well you need a bit more
time. Yikes that means you have to set the alarm to 3am-- 3am I
awfully early. The other side of the sword is that you might have a
shot at arriving at you destination with some of your travel day left
to actually start exploring. With the 2 hour time difference we were
scheduled to get to Belize at about 10:30 or so.

Everyone arrived at the airport within minutes if each other--good
start. They even checked us all in at the same time. Good deal. The
flight was full, but it was a good flight to Houston. We were even
checked through to Belize City.

Well, we made it. Easy flights. We got here at 10:30, passed customs
and were on the road to the Belizian jungle by 11:30. The first stop
was the Belize Zoo. Wow. Animals right up close. Jags and tapirs and
pumas. I have lots of Picts, but have not down loaded any yet. The
zoo started after a film crew did a nature film and then left the
animals in the care of an American that was handling the animals. She
started the zoo so the animals would not die. Any way, it was
incredible to see them so close.

The jungle is hot, humid AND beautiful. Dinner in the canopy with a
choir of birds. More to come.
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Stewart M said...

I do believe the bird is a Collared Aracari - which I have to admit I have not seen in my garden!!
Keep the pics coming – I am doing better than I thought I would do at suppressing jealousy!