Sunday, August 02, 2009

Birding At duPlooys

The day started early with rumbles of thunder and hard rain. Well, it
is a rainforest afterall. The two hour difference made getting up forthe 6:30 birding much easier than I thought. The deck overlooking the
forest and the river put us at canopy level. The clouds and early
rain slowed down tha bird activity. We still spotted over 20 newspecies. Well, not new species, but new to my list. We heard many of
them through the night too. We cut the bird hike a bit short when we
got a bit more rain. Breakfast came next and the we had a great walk/
talk through Ken duPlooy's Belize Botonic Garden-- and that was just
the morning!

Next we go to Xunantunich the Myan ruins and archeological site. WOW!

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Stewart M said...

and this is a yellow winged tanager if I am not mistaken - I need to stop doing this is takes up too much time!!!