Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Shaman's Grandson

The Shaman's Tale

The day starts with coffee on the canopy deck with the toucans and tanagers and the Shaman's grandson.

Our theme for today was Mayan culture, but the most amazing part was the morning spent listening to Phillip. Phillip has been our guide since we arrived. Today was a relaxing day. I was down on the deck early to sit and watch the jungle, have a good cup of coffee and spot the birds. A few new bird finds and a second cup of coffee made for agreat morning. This is when Phillip joined us. He is not a Shaman , but his grandfather was-- for 75 years and his great great grandfather too. For almost 200 years his family was in jungle medicines. We were treated with story after story of his grandfather's life and his work with natural medicines. Then we went on the medicine trail here. I have a new vision for life. I am moving to Belize and becimg a modern day Shaman. Phillip said that you cannot charge for your healing- you must give your knowledge from your heart. Good will come from this and you will be taken care of. So there it is! Another good day.


Nancy said...

I love natural medicine, I could have sat for days and listened to those stories. I bet they were wonderful. The knowledge the grandfather has is priceless. I don't want you to leave Ohio but how could I blame you if you did. What is Betsy going to do?

RBenz said...

Not really leaving , but it might be something to fall back on. ; )

Stewart M said...

Sounds like you are having a great time - sent some replys, but they dont seem to have got though.

Had fun working out what the birds were - Collared Aracari and Yellow-winged Tanager - I think.

Yellow Tailed Black cockatoo in the tress outside my front does do act as some compensation.